THEY LIVE ~ 1988

When this came out I had been to every John Carpenter movie he’d put out since I had been alive and available to go to the theater. This had wrestler Roddy Piper (who I hated) in it and it was more comedic than I had been exposed to. This was a real disappointment to me then (as a John Carpenter horror loving / Roddy Piper hating person). I watched this the other week and I guess it’s not too bad.  I guess.



In full disclosure, I don’t really love Ben Stiller, I can give or take with Downey, same with Cruise and McConaughey but: THIS WAS HI-LAR-I-OUS!!! I hadn’t laughed so hard when I saw this the first and second times in forever. This is totally a rewatch all the time. Not one of my “favorite movies” but always worth the time. “Pump your breaks, kid…” Love it.



HELLO!! It’s been a little bit since I’ve gone Half Assing but we’re back for right now! I don’t know, I guess I’ve just been doing some other stuff – but – here’s a batch! I like almost every member of this cast but this movie sucked the (radio edit). What the (beep)??? This was tuuuuuuuuuurible. I recently commented with a fantastic someone about The Hangover but this is MUCH WORSE….



This is not a remake of the sucky movie from the mid nineties that shares its name. This is a horror film that has a few good things going for it but takes itself way too seriously. IMO, when I see something that takes itself as seriously as this does, then I better believe in it. I didn’t think the situations and conversations and that sort of thing were very believable in here but I know they tried. If anything else, DAYLIGHT is better than DAYLIGHT.



We all knew this was coming after “one” made a zillion bucks. This is, admittedly, the exact same movie as the last one only raunchier and, IMO, less good. They replace the gimmicky baby with a gimmicky smoking monkey and set the thing in Thailand where everything can be even dirtier when it comes to things like butt sex and boygirls. I’m no prude but once was enough with this one : )



I thought this was funny but I didn’t think it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know how or why it made so much money but, oh well, who cares. Has anyone not seen this? I don’t think so, there’s probably no need to synopsis this. Highlights: Ed Helms got a tooth pulled for real and Heather Graham showed her boob to the world. Enough said!