You know this rocked your world the first time you saw this in the theater. You KNOW IT!! Oh wait, you were three? You weren’t born yet? Well, this really changed action movies for the better when this came out. The guy from MOONLIGHTING did this???? This blew my mind when I first saw it. I mean that. This really set the bar for Those That Came After. I actually just watched this the other day and it still resonated as AWESOME!!!


Sequels, Schmequels. I don’t really give a flip. I hope the sequel is better! This is actually my fave of the bunch!! I just recently found out that one of my faves from the 70s is in this – Franco Nero!! This one is always so hard to come by. Maybe I just need to buy it. I love the old TV spot line: “How can the same thing happen to the same guy twice????” DIE HARD 2.


Remember when this came out? Bruce W had been making some sorry movies like LAST MAN STANDING, HUDSON HAWK and THE COLOR OF NIGHT (hi, Bruce’s weenus). This was incredible and launched Q.T. on us (for the better). I remember my old buddy and I going to see this and THE PROFESSIONAL in the theater. THE PROFESSIONAL wins as one of my favorite movies of all time. THIS = excellent. BTW, The Gimp is sleepin’…


R.E.D. ROCKS your ass. This movie is awesome. I love the live stunts. I lOVE the plot. I LOVE that older folks are the STUDS. I haven’t seen some of the new things like AMAZING SPIDER MAN, but I feel like I hate the “youthanization” of our old heroes. R.E.D. proves that old guys like this can still kick ass.


THE LAST BOY SCOUT. A dude that took a bullet for the President is now a down and out schmuck that smokes and drinks too much and his old lady is cheating on him with his buddy. It’s a classic Greek Tragedy!! Oh wait – a tragedy is when the lead dies in the end – or something. I guess that makes this a comedy! Look out for old Satan Claus!


The Siege. I don’t know, I wanted Willis’ guys to win, maybe that’s just me. Terrorists blow things up in New York and the army takes over. General Bruce gets outfoxed by Denzel W and Annette Benning. I wonder if they still make or distribute copies of this after what happened…


If I had to pick I would probably choose this as my favorite Terry Gilliam movie. Excuse my French but Brad Pitt is just fucking fantastic in here and the story is wicked and tragic. I also used to really have the hots for Madeline Stowe. Time travel and monkeys showcase this brilliant piece of work.


This is only one of my favorite movies! I don’t see how there could ever be any hate for this and yet there is. Super heroes and super villains! They’re regular people too!! Loved it!


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