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I don’t think there’s much to not like here either. Very smart, very well put together. I’m glad Guy Ritchie is back making good movies. Maybe Madge was bad for his juju. Maybe her manly body and English accent troubled his brain so much he couldn’t think straight. Now he’s clean and can revel in her old, hairy armpit Penthouse pics.




We all knew this was coming after “one” made a zillion bucks. This is, admittedly, the exact same movie as the last one only raunchier and, IMO, less good. They replace the gimmicky baby with a gimmicky smoking monkey and set the thing in Thailand where everything can be even dirtier when it comes to things like butt sex and boygirls. I’m no prude but once was enough with this one : )



I thought this was funny but I didn’t think it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know how or why it made so much money but, oh well, who cares. Has anyone not seen this? I don’t think so, there’s probably no need to synopsis this. Highlights: Ed Helms got a tooth pulled for real and Heather Graham showed her boob to the world. Enough said!




Wait! The last three have all been from 2009! WHAT? Here’s a new one: This thing looked terrible from its inception and when it came out for rent, we went in. The first 20 or so minutes, I thought, “hmmm… I am kind of liking it” and then it got so stupid I could barely finish it. In fact, I quit about 20 minutes in and I have even been on the U.S.S. Missouri.  That’s a good memory for me. This is not. I also like Rhianna. But not last night.



Another – WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT? This movie? Is it good? NOPE. Is it awesome? YUP. Do I want to see it again? Who knows, depends on the mood. The line: “I’ve had it with these MO-FO-ing snakes on this MO-FO-ing plane” sums it up. Snakes bite boobs and peniles and everything else. Awesome, but hey, you know. It’s about snakes… on an airplane… that’s it. There’s SNAKES on an AIRPLANE. Nuff said.



I liked this movie but it was pretty disappointing. I wanted more from this vis a vis 300 or WATCHMEN or DAWN OF THE DEAD. That did not happen and this was PG-13-ed to death. Oh well. Fantasy escapism using nubile young chicks. And robots. And giant Samurai. And zombies. And John Hamm. And lots of Techno.  I hope for better from the director, Zach Snyder but I have a sinking feeling I am NOT going to heart Russell Crowe’s new movie MAN OF STEEL.