THE ROAD ~ 2009


The Road… bleak and sad and depressing and cry-ey. This is one of the only other things I ever talked about on IMDB and both times I got yelled at for my opinion so I quit that crap. I think, overall,  this thing is really good – but sad making – and yep, lookie there, there’s Guy Pearce in a wicked cameo, you stud. Why did you do LOCKOUT? That’s also sad-making. If it was me, I would have just stayed in that bunker and eaten canned peaches until… well.. I had to go out and start eating diseased people. Gross.


4 thoughts on “THE ROAD ~ 2009

  1. Wednesday's Child

    The only way to not get yelled at on IMDb is to post on boards that only have a couple of pages of posts. It sounds elitist, and I don’t know why it is true, but it is true: the less well-known the movie, the better discussion you can have about it online.


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