Sorry I’ve been gone for a little bit.  I haven’t had The Muse. But today is college football’s opening weekend and I’ve had a bunch of beers and killing time until 9:30 when OU finally kicks off! YES!! So let’s get back in the game with some half ass reviews : )

OH MY GOD this is so funny I can’t even believe it. This thing really made me laugh from start to finish! “She did it, she shit in the street…” that line still cracks me up. Hilarious and even a little touching.  Gotta love these ladies.


4 thoughts on “BRIDESMAIDS ~ 2011

  1. mistylayne

    Thought I would hate this but then about 15 minutes in I realized that I am Kristen Wiig’s character and that made me laugh and then I just didn’t stop laughing. Love when they’re driving up and down the road trying to get the cop guy’s attention.


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