Wait! The last three have all been from 2009! WHAT? Here’s a new one: This thing looked terrible from its inception and when it came out for rent, we went in. The first 20 or so minutes, I thought, “hmmm… I am kind of liking it” and then it got so stupid I could barely finish it. In fact, I quit about 20 minutes in and I have even been on the U.S.S. Missouri.  That’s a good memory for me. This is not. I also like Rhianna. But not last night.


6 thoughts on “BATTLESHIP ~ 2012

    1. halfassreviews Post author

      LOL! You know – his role / he was probably the best thing about this movie (but he exits early). I like Northman but I am not all SWOOOOOOOONY over him. But – he was good in this. Promise. Don’t waste your money, spend it on a margarita instead. Then let your friend rent it.


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