This is a special HAR today. Normally I like to keep it short and sweet and I try to post a nice little collective of four or five subjects to keep my OCD at bay and have everything nicely numbered and rounded smoothly, but… 

I’ve never met the Great Person behind Cinema Schminema but we meet around the electronic water cooler often and, since we’ve never met, I can’t attest to her physical nature but I’m a big tall guy and somehow she muscled me into watching a Jim Carrey movie. I have loathed this dude since the moment I saw him on that TV show and have given him a shot or two with The Mask and The Truman Show but he’s never caught on with me and I generally can’t stand his work. No offense, J.C. you’re just not my bag, I hope you understand and here’s a beer for you. Domestic, none of the high dollar stuff.

Anyway, she electronically batted her eyes and we made a deal that she’d watch something horrible if I gave this a shot and I said yes and —————— this was REALLY good. REALLY SAD and it made me want to cry and I emailed her asking why she did this to me because I’ve never been anything but nice to her but acknowledged that she was right. This was really good. The cast was fantastic and the script unbelievable and amazingly, somehow,  as much as I Kate Winslet, she was the only thing I didn’t love about this. I don’t know if it was her accent that put me off or the character but I will say that at the end, her acting made me get some tissues. Sniff, sniff.

So there you go – Cinema Schminema put up the good fight and won. Now we wait to see if she lives up to her end of the bargain 🙂



  1. mistylayne

    Electronically batter her eyes? *giggles* “Oh, please, sir – won’t you do a gal a solid and watch this little ole movie?” Soooo glad you enjoyed it!!!! And I am watching The Sinful Dwarf THIS WEEKEND!! No ifs ands or buts about it! 🙂


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