I heart Robert Rodriguez’ work and I sure did heart Planet Terror (from the big Grindhouse thang with Q Tarantino). This is awesome and gross and funny and filled with action while the other half, Death Proof, was way too much talking and not enough balls out action (get it?). Marley Shelton was, essentially, a female stud and, if nothing else, this has Michael Biehn, Bruce Willis, Jeff Fahey, zombies, a bag of nuts (not pecans…) and…. Fergie. What more do you need?


10 thoughts on “PLANET TERROR ~ 2007

      1. Wednesday's Child

        I can’t remember if I told you this already, but I wrote about how much I hated those women in Death Proof and how annoying they were and I got a lot of angry comments from male friends telling me I had to like it because it is a feminist movie. Next I suppose those friends are going to go on the NAACP website and tell them what is racist and what isn’t, or something.

  1. mistylayne

    I really liked Death Proof even if it was a little slow but seriously? You have to like it because it’s a feminist movie? Girls being awesome doesn’t necessarily = feminism.


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