I REALLY wish I liked this a lot better than I do : ( but I really didn’t. I might be in love with Saoirse Ronan but wait she’s a lot younger than me so I never said that!!! The book was much better, sorry Marky Mark.


3 thoughts on “THE LOVELY BONES ~ 2009

  1. mistylayne

    The book really really really was much better. I think it was also really really really hard to translate to film so I think they didn’t do a horrible job.

    1. halfassreviews Post author

      I agree – I REALLY (bold, italicize, underline) did want to like it more : ( . I mean, Petey Jackson could have done better with the roll he was on. Oh well. Here comes The Hobbit – yay!

      1. mistylayne

        I hate LOTR. Even beer being snuck into the theater couldn’t make that first movie not suck so I never watched the others. Hopefully, Jackson improves things with the Hobbit – I know he’s got wicked mad skills!

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