UP ~ 2009


I am not going to cry during this opening montage. iamnotgoingtocry iamnotgoingtocry iamnotgoingtocry iamnotgoingtocry well poop… what else can be said about this movie? I hate the guys at Pixar because they break my heart all of the time. I mean I love them but you know what I mean. Someone give me some tissues.


4 thoughts on “UP ~ 2009

    1. halfassreviews Post author

      I know that, brother! About a month after we watched this we wnt to the department store for a new TV and the beginning of this was one all of the displays and I started crying in the store….

      1. AndyWatchesMovies

        I believe it, I don’t know if I could ever become desensitized to the opening scene…Or the end, for that matter.

        And still I’m not sure I would call Up a sad movie, I laughed and smiled when I wasn’t crying. Really remarkable when you think about it.

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