This is my personal favorite of all of P.T.A.’s works – it’s very “real” to me. No jumping up and down yelling look at me! look at me! No Daniel Day Lewis screaming “I’ve abandoned my son!!”, no frogs falling from the sky. This was just something good that I “got”.


10 thoughts on “PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE ~ 2002

  1. mistylayne

    I like when Adam Sandler does serious. Sooo much better than his norm, imo. Kinda like when Jim Carrey does serious (except for that number movie, blargh).

      1. mistylayne

        OMG, that is a phenomenal movie. Kate Winslet is gorgeous and brilliant. Are you a Charlie Kaufman fan? Please, please, please watch it! Pretty please??? 😉

      2. mistylayne

        He’s totally dead serious in this one. I mean there is this one part where he’s supposed to be playing a child but it fits in with the plot so it’s not bad. It’s very much a dramedy with romantic tones and has a really fabulous cast. 🙂 Yay!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! And yes, “Adaptation” is great. I just added it to my queue the other day to watch again.

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